AIG Manpower Solutions


AIG Manpower Solutions understand that first impressions count. With a well presented manner and exceptional customer service capabilities, our staff strive to ensure your customers and clients are provided with a welcoming, safe and secure facility. AMS understand that certain clients require a strategic solution instead of a uniformed security officer.

Providing customer services across a variety of business sectors, our staff can assist you with a range of duties including:

  • Concierge desks
  • Customer service areas
  • Front of house reception
  • Tours and attraction recommendations
  • Monitor facility systems and report/escalate alarms or failures
  • Provide complete and accurate daily/weekly shift reports
  • Provide initial response emergency first aid when required
  • Provide fire warden and evacuation coordination duties when required

Our experience in providing customer service and concierge services is second to none. As part of our extensive recruitment and training processes, we ensure that right fit candidates are selected, trained and inducted onto your sites ensuring our site team embody your values and expectations.

100% satisfaction

Being served by Melbourne's Leading Corporate Company includes Traffic Management Services. Would like to know more about who we are? Get in touch with us.